Musician drummer, Juliano S. Pereira met electronic music in mid-2001, advertising and even drums for a band of rock ‘n roll seventies, had a fast approaching with trance culture, parties and festivals, assigning different strands. The first tracks were produced in 2006 and soon launched his live PA by playing in various events of trance and electronic music of the country.



The project already launch tracks by renowned labels such as  Iono Music, Digital Planet, Planet B.E.N Records, Plusquam Records, Audioalchemists Records, and Synergetic Records. Today launch  tracks and manage the the first progressive label of Brazil, with his friend creator Feytor (Protoactive). The label launches several renowned artists from major lanes in partnership with the best nation projects.

With a presence at events such as Universo Paralello (10,11), 303 Art Festival, Samsara Festival, Festival Fora do Tempo, Earthdance, Aho Festival, Soulvision, Mystic Tribe, and others.

His peculiar tracks surprised by trance elements and intelligent grooves, resulting in a involving sound with authentic leads and slight melodies. The Live set provides constant changes by adding new elements and live databases, allowing a greater interaction with the audience and making each performance is different.